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Praise for The Mayfair Dagger

“An effervescent mystery with a resourceful, daring sleuth heroine and a nice swig of romance.”
Laura Joh Rowland

"It’s been a while since a book has made me laugh this much or this hard. At one point I had tears in my eyes from laughing." Goodreads reviewer

A jolly good read!

Ava January's polished writing style and unique voice made for a pleasurable read. I particularly love how humourous it was - the kind of humour that catches you off guard and has you laughing long after the book is finished. 

Loved, loved, loved!

Ava January makes me laugh, she keeps me up at nights and she stays in my head. She matches her wit and humour with an incredible pathros that is just brilliantly balanced. 

Five Stars!

Ava January does a wonderful job of guiding a reader through all of the emotional twists and turns, lets not forget the plot twists and turns too!

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