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The Lady Detective 

How does a wealthy widow avoid the marriage market in 1890s London?

If you're Lady Theodosia Fortescue-Brown, you hide behind outrageously bad clothing and glasses you don't need.

After the disappearance of her husband, Theodosia can't imagine giving up her freedom to marry again and relishes her role as detective to the ladies of the upper echelons of society.

When a priceless necklace on loan from the Royal family is stolen, Theodosia must work with the scandalous Lord Montague to recover it before the theft is discovered.

But somewhere between setting a brothel on fire, being knocked out in a cemetery in the middle of the night, and narrowly avoiding death via Scotch egg, Theodosia and William fall in love... 

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To Court a Scandal (1).png

To Court a Scandal


Loyal and passionate, Lady Mary Noel has risked it all to save her sisters from their dastardly uncle.

Wealthy and ruthless, Joseph and his brothers have spent their lives working to get even against the people that killed their family.

When Mary and her sisters steal and dogcart and dress as men to escape their uncle, their London home is their one opportunity to forge a safe life for themselves. They are more than a little surprised to find three rather large, and rather handsome, men already residing in it.

With both parties convinced they have the right to stay, the women hatch a plan to convince the men to leave. 

But Mary is not the only one with a past she’d rather forget. Too soon the walls around Joseph's heart are crumbling . . . and he’s in danger of falling, hard and putting everyone he loves at risk.

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Easter Promises.

Le Malin Renard

France, 1924
Twelve strangers.
One night.
A man on the hunt for an international art thief and a jewel that blurs the lines of obsession and desire.
A weekend at France’s most remote and luxurious hotel for an invite-only event sounds like a dream come true. But when a snowstorm cuts the hotel off from the outside world, twelve strangers are thrown together for a night that will change their lives forever.


A Season in Paris.

Bows, Beaus and Sweet Chapeaus
France, 1909


When Delphine Altrain purchases a date with Paris’ most eligible bachelor, Gabriel LaPouge, she has one thing on her mind…hats.

When her latest design becomes the talk of the Grand Prix, it seems everything she has dreamed of is within her reach, but when the past arrives to destroy her present, Delphine needs to decide if she stays and risks heartbreak, or run and always wonder what could have been.

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