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The Mayfair Dagger is the story of wealthy, educated and rather unusual Frederica Honeycombe. 

When Frederica’s father dies and leaves her in the clutches of her slimy cousin whose sole purpose in life is to see her married off the elderly neighbour and his fifteen children, she takes matters into her own hands. She goes into hiding in plain sight in the upper echelons of London society as the Countess Von Dagga - a detective who aids the women of society.

Rather like Sherlock Holmes, but with better fashion. And less success.

When Freddie finally gets her big break, the one case she just knows is going to cement her position as The Go-To Lady Detective of the ton, she unexpectedly finds herself caught in the middle of a murder investigation.

As the last person seen with Lord Sandwich before he was found dead, not to mention the drug she gave him, which she is absolutely NOT mentioning, she is the number one suspect in his murder. That’s no problem for Freddie, she just needs to find out who did murder the gluttonous Lord Sandwich and hand them over to Scotland yard.

But when the terribly attractive but committed to his job in the most awful manner, Lord Erleigh comes looking for her conveniently missing and utterly fictitious husband, she realises she has landed herself in hot water, without a tea bag.

Unless Freddie can find out and prove who murdered Lord Sandwich, and keep the whereabouts of her fictional husband and her real name under wraps, her choices are step-mothering enough small children to start a school or hanging from the end of Her Majesty’s rope.

That shouldn’t be too difficult for a lady in hiding with no money and no prospects, should it?